17 May results, third RFL 2008

Ok Snail, problem with the finish line, some Snails name not was at finish line.. so hard to say how was positions... looking video replay that is avaliable here in SLCN and reading how is possible in the history chat, we can see this positions that we think by sure... but who knows... anyway, realy good work all Snails!! see us next month in the four race Relay for Life 2008!

1_ Cujo Mayo
2_ Syarra Hebert
3_ IYan Writer
4_ waelya Tenk
5_ Bloodsong Termagant
6_ Salem Sella
7_ Pepsi Pausch
8_ AlohaLani Heron
9_ Kermi Kronfeld
10_ Sodovan Torok
11_ RENDEZVOUS Ballyhoo
12_ Panacea Pangaea
13_ Bridget Beresford

And well... this is all can be read in finish line... sorry because maybe some names of Snails not be here in this list... maybe if you know what Snail was next to you or some Snail you saw just next position at you when arrive finish line... sorry again, we will try to fix this for next race of June! see us there Snails!

This list is very short... is only bit probably...

14_ Elizabeth Antonelli 12th
15_ Kul Breiz 13th
16_ Fayandria Foley 14th
RacerX Gullwing 15th
17_ LadyKay Gable 16th
18_ May Rosebud 17th
19_ Poppy Zabelin 18th

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