10 May Results

Giant snail race in Montmartre on 2008-05-10

not video this time!

All racers: amateur race

Christopher2008 Devin
TheWorldOf Tomorrow
Zinedine Riederer
Liv Leigh
Kat2 Kit
Syarra Hebert


1. Syarra Hebert (pass to winners race)
2. Liv Leigh
3. TheWorldOf Tomorrow
4. Zinedine Riederer

All racers: semi-pro race

Athena Rickena
Pepsi Pausch
Cujo Mayo
Penguink Graves
Bartley Binder
Iridescent Coronet


1. Cujo Mayo (pass to winners race)
2. Iridescent Coronet (pass to winners race)
3. Pepsi Pausch
4. Bartley Binder

All racers: pro race

Josu Tenk
waelya Tenk
Oodlemi Noodle
Kiwi Alfa
Salem Sella


1. Salem Sella (pass to winners race)
2. waelya Tenk (pass to winners race)
3. Josu Tenk (pass to winners race)
4. Oodlemi Noodle
5. Kiwi Alfa

All racers: winners race

Syarra Hebert
Cujo Mayo
Iridescent Coronet
Salem Sella
waelya Tenk
Josu Tenk


1. Josu Tenk +5 points
2. Cujo Mayo +3 points
3. Syarra Hebert +1 point
4. Salem Sella
5. waelya Tenk
6. Iridescent Coronet

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