Relay Giant Snail 2010

The Cross Country Races

20 March 2010 Results

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1 Tindallia Soothsayer
2 Socks Clawtooth
3 Baldi McMillan
4 Gambino Amsterdam
5 Kerhop Seattle
6 wokmaster Hax
7 Will Piedpiper
8 Rendal Constantineau
9 Dep Avro
10 DMom2K Darwin
11 kenzia Mager
12 Kirkland Coba
13 Marigold Devin
14 UberThend Destiny
15 megajot Lytton
16 Gareth8 Albatros
17 Industria Dowler
18 Lykurgus Liebknecht
19 DrFran Babcock
20 Cinders Vale
21 bulle47 Abeyante
22 Pearl Rage
23 ELLiebob Bean
24 MusicalMystic Constantineau
25 Kumi Kuhr
26 Mesarim Vaher
27 Cryene Madonna
28 waelya Tenk


17 April 2010 Results

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Bloodsong Termagant 1st
Industria Dowler 2nd
kenzia Mager 3rd
Tindallia Soothsayer 4th
DMom2K Darwin 5th
megajot Lytton 6th
Baldi McMillan 7th
Safra Nitely 8th
bulle47 Abeyante 9th
daniel43 Baxton 10th
Rosicky Aeon 11th
Jasmine Night 12th
DrFran Babcock 13th
Amara Parmelee 14th
Napanickg Halderman 15th
Phoenix Schmidtzau 16th
Obvious Schism 17th
Marigold Devin 18th
Marcus Night 19th
Socks Clawtooth 20th
Cryene Madonna 21th
Lykurgus Liebknecht 22th
Pygar Bu 23th
August Lusch 24th
ChrisRK Chrome 25th
Nancy Carpool 26th
Katina Magic 27th
Bananarama Republic 28th
Kumi Kuhr 29th
Calico Silverweb 30th
waelya Tenk 31th
MamaP Beerbaum 32th
Jezebel Bailey 33th
Gareth8 Albatros 34th
Moonraven Moonites 35th


15 May 2010 Results

August Lusch 1st
DMom2K Darwin 2nd
ChrisRK Chrome 3rd
Tindallia Soothsayer 4th
Socks Clawtooth 5th
Bloodsong Termagant 6th
kenzia Mager 7th
Cinders Vale 8th
Charlene Trudeau 9th
Lykurgus Liebknecht 10th
Gareth8 Albatros 11th
Snurky Snoodle 12th
Six Numanox 13th
Baldi McMillan 14th
megajot Lytton 15th
Jennylynn Capalini 16th
Kumi Kuhr 17th
JuanPablo Asp 18th
Cherrylicious Doobie 19th
Cryene Madonna 20th
Calico Silverweb 21th
Pygar Bu 22th
KJ Kiranov 23th
Obvious Schism 24th
posesiva Ella 25th
waelya Tenk 26th
Technus Grayman 27th
Xyza Armistice 28th
Phoenix Schmidtzau 29th


19 Jun 2010 Results

Gareth8 Albatros 1st
Baldi McMillan 2nd
August Lusch 3rd
Holocluck Henly 4th
Tindallia Soothsayer 5th
[Socks Clawtooth 6th
Adele Faulds 7th
Industria Dowler 8th
Lykurgus Liebknecht 9th
Aryon Dagger 10th
whirligig Rutabaga 11th
ELLiebob Bean 12th
Gore Suntzu 13th
Cinders Vale 14th
bartelby Pegler 15th
Pygar Bu 16th
Marigold Devin 17th
Liv Leigh 18th
Angelika Courtois 19th
Oodlemi Noodle 20th
Dahlia Jayaram 21th
Kumi Kuhr 22th
Cryene Madonna 23th
Six Numanox 24th
Zang Itano 25th
Chimera Cosmos came in 26th

This is a really fun event.

You can pick up the free Giant Snail avatar at Just touch the snail box there.

Get a pimp my snail kit while your there it has a lot of things you can use to mod your snail if you want.

Then when the scarfs go on sale probably the 14th you can come by and buy a starting position scarf this gets your name added to the finish line so you'll hopefully get counted (we've had more trouble with this finish line one of these days well get it to work right) anyway I think I have it fixed this time.

The scarf donation prices are

1500 for a front starting position
500 for a middle starting position and
1 to be in the back starting position.

All Donations go to the American Cancer Society

then show up 30 or more minutes before the race get rezzed get your draw distance set low and simple and get ready to go.

Here's what a race looks like

Oh to enter the the NEW best dressed Snail of the days race contest contact Sante Klees to get your snail modeling shots filmed after you get your snail modded. Well try to get someone from Fabulous Fashion to pick the winner maybe. This will give us something to show people when the snails aren't near a camera positions during the races.


Este es un evento realmente divertido.

Puedes coger el Avatar de Caracol Gigante aqui
tan solo toca la caja del caracol alli.

Coge un kit de tunea mi caracol cuando estes alli que tiene un monton de cosas que puedes usar para modificar tu caracol si quieres.

Despues, cuando las bufandas esten a la venta, probablemente el dia 14, tu puedes venir y comprar una bufanda de posiciion de salida, esto hace que tu nombre quede registrado para la linea de llegada.

Las ultimas veces hemos tenido problemas para contar el orden de llegada de tantos caracoles a la vez pero afortunadamente creemos que esto esta resuelto y funcionara esta vez.

Los precios de las donaciones son

1500 o mas para salir en cabeza
500 o mas para salir en el medio
1 o mas para salir desde atras

Todas las Donaciones van a la American Cancer Society

Una vez hecho estate por alli unos 30 minutos antes de la carrera, pon tus graficos en Bajo y todo simple y preparate para salir.

aqui tienes un ejemplo de como sera la carrera

Oh, y para entrar en lo NUEVO de el mejor caracol vestido de el dia de las carreras contacta con Sante Klees para que te grabe unas tomas. Hazlo despues de tener preparado tu caracol. Bueno intentaremos coger a alguien de Fabulouse Fashion para escoger al ganador quizas. Esto nos puede ayudar a saber donde estais en que posicion durante la carrera.

The Regular Race Days
We will also be doing our regular weekly races where well be asking for donations for relay
Your welcome to come watch these races
or race yourself but for the regular weekly race you need to get a snailing license to race, and get there in time to register the day of the race registration opens at 8:00 am and closes at 10:50 the day of the race. we only have room for up to 24 snails in this one and around 40 people total

Need any help contact RacerX Gullwing or waelya Tenk (snail trainer) Baldi McMillan (snail trainer)

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