Giant Snail Race RFL 09

Thanks again, well have to do this again next year if they don't find a cure by then.


21 March 2009 RFL info

Results of 21 March that we can say for sure...

Baldi McMillan 1st
Pepsi Pausch 2nd
Slippery Enzyme 3rd

18 April 2009 RFL info

Results of 18 April that we can say for sure...

Crimsom Nightfire 1st
RENDEZVOUS Ballyhoo 2nd
Nadi Vemo 3rd
Oliver Szondi 4th
Kerhop Seattle 5th
Gareth8 Albatros 6th
Socks Clawtooth 7th
Industria Dowler 8th
Bloodsong Termagant 9th
August Lusch 10th
BrightAmberG String 11th
daniel43 Baxton 12th
WickedV Carver 13th
Marigold Devin 14th
Zacks Mayo 15th
FlameRose Dagger 16th
Angelina Beam 17th
Rendal Constantineau 18th
kaylin Skytower 19th
Ahri Juliesse 20th
ELLiebob Bean 21th
Bartley Binder 22th
Nev Loring 23th
Natalia Erin 24th
Kumi Kuhr 25th
Cryene Madonna 26th
Mor Lannock 27th
waelya Tenk 28th
AnnMarie Franizzi 29th
Lihan Taifun 30th
Mackenzie Maven 31th
Brianna Lioncourt 32th
CherieEsta Mint 33th
GiaLove Stand 34th
Dragonfly Serpente 35th
Kaitlyn Odigaunt 36th

16 May 2009 RFL info

Results of 16 May that we can say for sure...

Baldi McMillan 1st
Gareth8 Albatros 2nd
daniel43 Baxton 3rd
Saajuk Bogomil 4th
Industria Dowler 5th
Six Numanox 6th
Brianna Lioncourt 7th
Cinders Vale 8th
Cryene Madonna 9th
Gore Suntzu 10th
bulle47 Abeyante 11th
Gonzo Tigerfish 12th
Socks Clawtooth 13th
Katina Magic 14th
Dellybean North 15th
Rendal Constantineau 16th
Celestia Dreamscape 17th
Vibes Waffle 18th
solidcroft Wasp 19th
elf193 England 20th
Bridgt Juneberry 21th
waelya Tenk 22th
Pygar Bu 23th
GreenShamrock McMahon 24th
Crystal Meersand 25th
Mor Lannock 26th

20 Jun 2009 RFL info

Results of 20 Jun that we can say for sure...

Pepsi Pausch 1st
Oodlemi Noodle 2nd
Charlene Trudeau 3rd
Celestia Dreamscape 4th
Obvious Schism 5th
Bloodsong Termagant 6th
Kerhop Seattle 7th
Cinders Vale 8th
Baldi McMillan 9th
Cryene Madonna 10th
Socks Clawtooth 11th
FlameRose Dagger 12th
Gore Suntzu 13th
Fayandria Foley 14th
Zang Itano 15th
Gareth8 Albatros 16th
ELLiebob Bean 17th
Monosurround Difference 18th
Wiu Bing 19th
Colleen Brennan 20th
Sally LaSalle 21th
Sidney Arctor 22th
Vessus Candour 23th
Thend Destiny 24th
CutieCat Seetan 25th
WickedV Carver 26th
Dellybean North 27th
Moontan Valeeva 28th
Kevin Oto 29th
Helma Beerbaum 30th
Sweetcajan Voom 31th
Sante Klees 32th
Kumi Kuhr 33th
Vickie Maidstone 34th
Kiwi Alfa 35th
Candice Zapatero 36th
Vivienne Dufaux 37th
Morgan Kincess 38th
bulle47 Abeyante 39th
waelya Tenk 40th


Auggie said...

The first race was an awesome event, I believe there was over 100 Snails running down the road and the fun and the lag was brilliant.
I watched the replay on iTunes in HIGHDEF no less and I've got to give major props to RacerX, Waelya, Baldi, Wiz, Salem, Kiwi, DrFran, Texas and the rest of the crew and ofcourse to all the snails who ran the race.
The fact that we had so much fun and all for a good cause is awesome. Hope to see everyone at the next one!

wae said...

yeah!! awesome event!! was cool so crazy fuuny!! thx so much to all snails and ppl around snails that was there racing and helping. Really thx. We wait next race 18 April we will have the same or more fun if can be possible!! so cool!! Go Snails!!!

Morgan Kincess said...

The 20th June was our 1st race ever. Is there a special price for the snail that was 2nd all along and missed the last turn as there was no road sign? ;)

We posted a report and pictures and an after race party video here:

Thank you so much to the Giant Snail race team and all the snails!

Morgan Kincess - RFL United Forces team captain