Snail Racing History

It all started with a contest called Giant Avatar contest I saw was coming up in a few days back when events were only a few a day and finding them was easy. I went to the sandox where you could usally work for about 30 minutes at a time between sim crashes and started ataching prims to my feet but that didn't make you any taller just made prims that went into the ground. So I thought about it and figured the way I'd have to do this is be in the foot. I didn't have a clue how to script legs to move and back then movment scripts didn't work in avatars anyway . Narrowed it down a bit to a one footed animal . The shell was maxed out at 30 meters or maybe I just remeber it that big . thing is I din't have a clue how to see out of that so had to stop a lot an cam outside the shell to see where I was.
It was hillariose I got to the contest about 20 minutes early and the guy holding it told me to please park off to the side somewhere I thought he was stearing me over there because I had obviosly won and he didn't wan to discourage the other avatars. Ends up I was the only one that took it him litereally and made a giant avatar. Well I didn't win.

I was in group called Montmartre Artists and we were trying to get on the most popular places list before camping chairs were invented and were each asked to come up with an event Mae Best had not another Quiz every other night it seemed like and that alone got us up to about 30th or so but not the top 20 anyway I was trying to come up with an event and talking to my good scripting friend and nighbor in fujin Catfart and he suggested giant snail racing. thats where it all started thats when I put together a better cuter av with blinky eyes that everyone loves and they havent changed much since. We did get into the top 20 a couple times.
It started on the ground using stone paths that that circled montmartre I made all the arrows and things needed for the race rez from a single prim and go find there spot in the sim just for the race then I'd go around after the race and shout the race is over and all of signs of the race track would vanish just leaving the stone path built by May Best they also went down the city streets of Chase Rutherford's manhattane in the Hawthorne sim an Aimee weber build at 8 pm on tuesday nights the thing that brought them to an end was mostly due to the phisics in sl where if you can find something to trip over you can fall a lot faster than anyone can run. Also once you get into that falling state you can close chat bar and hold the space bar down and get yourself to glide a long ways.

So I moved the race up into the sky onto a perfectly flat surface where there is nothing you can trip over. Same time Seifert Surface was experimenting with a transportation system that would use push and throw you across the map. He had set this set of flingers up at the future sim just one Sim south of Montmartre and owned by Chase Rutherford.

In fact I Used his experiments as the track I just built the course around them. the race stayed in the future sim as it changed hands to Gus Plisskin who said it was welcome to stay as long as I wanted to have it there. But the sim slowly filled to capacity and had a lot of scripts going and the flingers stopped working consistently and the sport became more of a luck thing but eventually become an endurance race. I got Seifert Surface to give me a copy of his experiments and carefully packed it all into a prim and moved it all back to where it started from Montmatre.

Also if you go to and look search using the tag snail race you can see 99 percent of that history there. The snail race is only a few months older than snapzilla. Snail races will be three years old at the end of november and have been held every saturday but cancelled 2 or 3 about a year ago when I was very sick.

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brilliant to read the history :) thanks for sharing RacerX, and waelya for hosting this site.

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Interesting to know.