16 Aug Results

Giant snail race in The Eternal on 2008-08-16


All racers: amateur race

Christopher2008 Devin
Slippery Enzyme
Supersonic Snook
Moontan Valeeva
pao Segall
Pisico Tolsen


1. pao Segall (pass to winners race)
2. Christopher2008 Devin
3. Pisico Tolsen
4. Moontan Valeeva
5. Slippery Enzyme

All racers: semi-pro race

Isaura Vaher
Quanishia Tuqiri
Bedtime Bobbysocks
Kumi Kuhr
Salem Sella
Baldi McMillan


1. Baldi McMillan (pass to winners race)
2. Quanishia Tuqiri (pass to winners race)
3. Isaura Vaher
4. Salem Sella

All racers: pro race

waelya Tenk
Josu Tenk
Pepsi Pausch
Kiwi Alfa
Bloodsong Termagant
Cujo Mayo


1. Pepsi Pausch (pass to winners race)
2. Bloodsong Termagant (pass to winners race)
3. Cujo Mayo (pass to winners race)
4. Josu Tenk
5. waelya Tenk
6. Kiwi Alfa

All racers: winners race

pao Segall
Baldi McMillan
Quanishia Tuqiri
Pepsi Pausch
Bloodsong Termagant
Cujo Mayo


1. Cujo Mayo +5 points
2. pao Segall +3 points
3. Quanishia Tuqiri +1 point
4. Baldi McMillan
5. Bloodsong Termagant

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