12 Jul results, last RFL 2008

See us next week in the first race of tyni snails! By now you can see the video replay of one of most funny and the last race of this year in this link.

Here are too the results of last race!

Cujo Mayo 1st
Pepsi Pausch 2nd
Oodlemi Noodle 3rd
Kandy Tomorrow 4th
Kumi Kuhr 5th
Baldi McMillan 6th
Josu Tenk 7th
DrFran Babcock 8th
Andrew Yossarian 9th
RENDEZVOUS Ballyhoo 10th
May Rosebud 11th
waelya Tenk 12th
GreenShamrock McMahon 13th
Bevan Whitfield 14th
Iridescent Coronet 15th
Safra Nitely 16th
Puiren Saule 17th
Lunna Wilder 18th
Begonia Oh 19th

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