19 Apr results, second RFL 2008

Nice! thx all snails for tons of fun!!! see us next month in same place!
click here to see video of the big race!

All snails

Logan Strom, Bloodsong Termagant, Orrla Loire, waelya Tenk, Rico Plisskin, Josu Tenk, Brianna Vollmar, Treon Bikcin, Sunshine Zhangsun, Oodlemi Noodle, Bevan Whitfield, Crumbirney Stoop, Sloan Skjellerup, Dione Kohime, RENDEZVOUS Ballyhoo, Garlande Greene, Sadie Edelman, Pepsi Pausch, Psycotria Ember, Bridget Beresford, Chimera Cosmos, Hydra Shaftoe, Logan Strom, baddog Homewood, Melyna Heckroth, Ollipeist Balogh, Latoya Church, AlohaLani Heron, Awenbunny Lisle, Jubal Earnshaw, Panacea Pangaea, Ollipeist Balogh, Oya Bright, Salem Sella, Kumi Kuhr, Shiny Shabazz, Dirk Talamasca, Eladrienne Laval, IYan Writer, Chase Rutherford, Kira Larkin, Bartley Binder, Twigy Camel, Joseph Grumiaux, Kermi Kronfeld, Vaughan Vendetta, Birgit Broom, Kai Paine, Rocco Brandenburg, Penguink Graves, Alto Collins, Kat2 Kit, Klute Coppola, May Rosebud

Final Results

Hydra Shaftoe came 1st
Rico Plisskin came 2nd
Dirk Talamasca came 3rd

Bloodsong Termagant came 4th
IYan Writer came 5th
Logan Strom came 6th
Twigy Camel came 7th
AlohaLani Heron came 8th
Pepsi Pausch came 9th
Awenbunny Lisle came 10th
Oodlemi Noodle came 11th
Salem Sella came 12th
Josu Tenk came 13th
waelya Tenk came 14th
Panacea Pangaea came 15th
Psycotria Ember came 16th
Bartley Binder came 17th
RENDEZVOUS Ballyhoo came 18th
Bridget Beresford came 19th
Orrla Loire came 20th
Sunshine Zhangsun came 21th
Dione Kohime came 22th
Jubal Earnshaw came 23th
Chimera Cosmos came 24th
Brianna Vollmar came 25th

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