The Giant Snail Race

THE Giant Snail Race Team
of 2008

Thinks it's Time again for the Everyones favorite Snail Race of the year:
The Greatest Snail Race of them all crossing 45 sims. And this year everyones can see it LIVE because SLCN.TV is going to cover it LIVE STREAMED to the Web and back into SL.

This Race has proven to be so popular were not going to do it once were not going to do it twice Were not even gonna do it 3 times WERE DOING IT FIVE TIMES THIS YEAR once per month from March to July.

You want to know what the prizes are this year?
The Prizes this year ? Well were not gonna do prim prizes this year.
The prize is hopefully they find a cure for cancer, so forget the prim prizes this year.

If you win or place or even survive all the way to the finish line. Well Give You A Huge Snail Sized Trophy and a t shirt that says "I survived to the end of the Greatest Snail Race in the known universe March 2008 or April or etc."

Tune your parcel to
to watch it live streamed from where ever you are in SL.

First race March 15th 2008 - 2 pm, be there at 1:30 if you want to race.
-second race April 19th
-third race May 17th
-fourth race June 21st
-fifth Race July 12th

Prices subject to change each month
as we guage the response...
to start in huron will cost you 250L
to start 1 sim ahead cost is 500L
to start 2 sims ahead cost is 1000L

Go to to register for race.

Want more Info? Go to
RacerX's Place in Fujin (120,128,22)
or contact RacerX Gullwing


Pierre said...

Ehm, just a request...would it be possible to post the correct SLURL for the race the next time? So people don't end up waiting for a race at the 'official' track while there isn't a race there.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree Pierre... we will put correct SLURL for next time... in Montmartre are regular races of saturdays... sorry for this

Julynn Lilliehook said...

I started at the Yellow point...I kept crashing and crashing. I would lag slide into a crash after about ten steps. Any tips for reducing lag? I want to race again in June.