17 Nov Results

Montmartre on 2007-11-17


All racers: amatures

DrFran Babcock
duckyfresh Watanabe
Kiboe Munro
Capability Frog


1. duckyfresh Watanabe
2. Capability Frog
3. Kiboe Munro
4. DrFran Babcock

All racers: pro

Oodlemi Noodle
Bloodsong Termagant
Beavis Beckham
Capability Frog
Mango Birdbrain
Kumi Kuhr
duckyfresh Watanabe
Kiwi Alfa


1. Kiwi Alfa
2. Oodlemi Noodle
3. Beavis Beckham
4. duckyfresh Watanabe
5. Capability Frog
6. Kumi Kuhr

bloodsong and mango thought they had first and second i think
but both missed a few checkpoints

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